Takatuf partnered with London Business School to provide a first-class leadership training

On June 2013, Takatuf proudly announced a partnership with London Business School. 

Takatuf has become critical to developing the Omani economy and promoting local and foreign private sector investment; and this year London Business School has emerged as a significant ally in its efforts. Under the terms of its contract, it will launch the TAKATUF Leadership Programme and train the finest talent in Oman Oil and its associated companies. Khalid Al-Jashmi, CEO of TAKATUF, stresses the importance of the venture. “We see our people as the key to our future – not just for our businesses, but for Oman itself,” he says. “That’s why we are proud to embark on an ambitious, long-term leadership development programme with London Business School, which will help us maximize our people’s leadership potential and enable them to become the kind of leader capable of developing and growing our companies and our region. Through our partnership with the School, our people will have unprecedented access to the world’s top business thinkers, and global cutting-edge research to drive improvement and growth within our companies.”

“Leadership is about serving your people, your communities and your country with pride,” said Ahmed Al-Wahaibi, CEO of Oman Oil, who praises the School’s grasp of Oman’s business environment. “It has developed a solution to exactly meet our needs.” 

These needs will increase in the years ahead. Dwindling oil reserves and an expanding labour force are rapidly propelling the Sultanate towards industrialisation and diversification. Encouraging a new generation of leaders is essential to this growth.