The Assessment Centre is a key player in building the capacity and strengthening the capability of organisations.

We support our clients to make objective and informed decisions about staff selection and development.

Takatuf’s Assessment Brochure

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How our clients use assessment:

> To make valid and reliable selection decisions
> To make qualified investments in staff development
> To measure development progress
> To improve team effectiveness

Our Services

1. Staff selection (internal and external)
2. Staff development (identification of strengths and gaps)
3. Selection design
4. Effective interviewing training
5. Training in job design and developing job descriptions

The Assessment Centre is managed by a Registered Industrial Psychologist supported by Omani team members who are all qualified to administer and interpret psychometric assessments. We bring language fluency in both English and Arabic.

Our Tools & Instruments

How we add value


  • Merit based investment decisions
  • Control bias
  • Decision confidence
  • Quality and validity


  • Reduce cost from turnover and loss of productivity associated with poor selection decisions
  • Realise the return on recruitment investment
  • Improve confidence around organisational fit


  • Employer brand value of professional objective
  • Merit based selection
  • Increasing engagement through assessment feedback
  • Attracting talent to organization with robust selection and development processes