Our Services

In a world where geographical boundaries fade and technology equalizes the competitive landscape, the true catalyst for your business success lies in your people. At Takatuf, we recognize this crucial factor and have leveraged our extensive consulting expertise to offer strategic human capital solutions. Our goal is to transform your organization into a People-Powered Enterprise—driven, empowered, and energized by the spirit of your team.

Consulting Services

We offer comprehensive talent management services to help organizations effectively plan and develop their workforce. Our strategies focus on maximizing capability utilization and fostering human capital development, ensuring that your talent is retained and primed for long-term success.

We provide comprehensive services aimed at enhancing the design and effectiveness of your organization. Our approach ensures that your business structure and workflow are optimized to drive performance, adaptability, and strategic alignment, thereby enhancing overall efficiency.

We develop tailored Total Rewards programs that effectively attract, motivate, and retain your key talent. Our solutions encompass a blend of compensation, benefits, performance incentives, and career development opportunities designed to align with your business objectives and employee expectations.

Our services foster robust employee relations, creating a positive work place that enhances employee satisfaction and productivity. We focus on developing effective communication channels, dispute resolution strategies, and engagement programs that support a harmonious workplace.

We design corporate programs that strengthen your company’s core values and business goals. Our services include leadership development for various levels, catered company finance program, and HR effectiveness, all tailored to promote a cohesive and forward-thinking corporate culture.

Assessment Centre

Unlock your team’s potential using our Assessment Toolbox – a suite of powerful tools designed to identify and develop your organisation’s greatest asset: your people.


Enabled Leaders

As an organsation’s People consulting services partner, we believe that in a commitment to upholding the highest international standards and industry practices to ensure that we can provide you with the highest quality service. Our coaches are certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and are upheld by Professional Coaches Standards with the following credentials:  
  1. 01. ICF ACC Coach – Junior and entry level managers
  2. 02. ICF PCC Coach – Mid level managers, high potentials
  3. 03. ICF MCC Coach – Senior managers and their teams
  4. 04.EMCC -EIA Coach – Depending on experience