February 26, 2021
February 26, 2021

Muscat, 26 May 2016 – for the past two months Takatuf, the human capital solutions provider, partnered with the Public Authority for SME Development (Riyada) to offer a unique opportunity for Omani entrepreneurs. The programme, a CSR initiative, aimed at strengthening the local economy by contributing to more sustainable business growth for Oman’s SME market, through developing enhanced leadership capabilities among nearly twenty SME owners.

Ibrahim Al Harthi, acting CEO of Takatuf, said, “The starting point for this CSR initiative was Takatuf’s expertise in leadership assessment, HR solutions and coaching that was leveraged to establish the “SME Leaders Empowering Programme,” a customisable opportunity based on each participant’s context within a leadership and business perspective. To achieve greater success we partnered with Riyada who is the reference institution in the SME sector”.

After its conclusion, entrepreneur participants had done an assessment exercise that provided them with their own personal profile and self-insight around their operating style, their strengths and development themes to inform and focus their personal development planning. This process was then followed by workshops on how to hire the right team, promote a coaching culture and implement HR good practice across their organisations.

The feedback from participants was quite positive. Najad Al Abdusalam, from iCommunicate said, “Takatuf’s programme is valuable because it gave us something other than balance sheets and marketing. Of all the training programmes I’ve attended, Takatuf’s was the first focused on HR. It was fabulous.” And Dr Salim Al Wahaibi, from Falha Investment LLC, added, “I chose to attend because of Takatuf’s portfolio, their professionalism in training and the opportunity to interact with experiences professionals.”


About Takatuf Oman

Takatuf is the strategic provider of innovative Human Capital solutions. Since it was established as an independent entity in 2013, Takatuf have been responding to Oman’s workforce development needs and providing strategic, innovative Human Capital solutions for a wide variety of corporate and institutional needs across the Sultanate. Takatuf operates in three key areas: Human Capital – Assuring that our clients have the right capabilities to recruit, develop and retain the best candidates and employees; Talent Development – Enabling our client’s talent pipeline through cutting-edge programmes designed by our own experts and delivered by world class partners; Takatuf Scholars – Supporting the success of Oman’s students in this new 21st century of learning, and so preparing them for personal and professional success.

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