Not Your Average Team Anymore

Sensing Your Engagement Pulse
November 9, 2020
The Complex Story of Your Team
November 9, 2020

As business and work environments are rapidly changing, we need new models of working together.  Edmondson and Harvey, in their book ‘Extreme Teaming’, offer us an interesting and useful perspective.

The statement that really hits home for me is:

“More and more teams today do not qualify as “well-designed” according to traditional definitions – because of the shifting nature of the work, not because managers have failed to do their jobs.”

Leading Teams in Today’s Environment  

Focused on Emotions and Relationships
Focused on Knowledge and Skills
Funnel Energy 
 Build an Engaging Vision Empower Agile Execution
Remove Barriers
Cultivate Psychological SafetyDevelop Shared Mental Models 

Extreme Teaming, Lessons in Complex, Cross-Sector Leadership, Amy C. Edmondson Jean-Francois Harvey

A fascinating and thought provoking read.

I would recommend it for anyone working in or with teams today that are functioning as teams that are formed for a specific project target and then members move on to different projects and teams. 

How might this new model be useful for your organization and teams?Looking forward to your thoughts and comments.