Takatuf shares local employee relation trends with the ‘‘Takatuf HR Survey Series”

Reinventing Performance Management
February 26, 2021
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February 26, 2021

Takatuf, Oman’s leading provider of innovative Human Capital solutions, successfully brings to light vital employee relations trends with the Takatuf HR Survey Series, enabling HR teams in Oman to make well-informed decisions regarding their people.

With the Takatuf HR Survey Series, Takatuf aims to contribute to Oman’s progress by providing new insights and findings the workforce in Oman, equipping the HR teams with a deeper understanding on how to drive business performance. The findings represent data collected from the public and is connected deeply to the workplace environment in Oman

 Oman, like other GCC states, has faced challenges caused by the low oil price environment which is also an opportunity for leadership to re-evaluate practices, minimise waste and optimise resources. This survey provides a ground to build a road map towards achieving success in various Human Capital practices supported with data driven facts from Oman.

 According to the survey, line Managers’ people management skills, employees’ disciplinary issues and employee engagement programmes are some of the topics that should be of primary concern for the HR departments of companies in Oman.