February 26, 2021
February 26, 2021


Muscat, 13 October 2016 – Takatuf was one of the associate partners of Oman Forum held this Wednesday in Muscat. The Human Capital solutions provider highlighted two of its most recent and on-going initiatives: the Takatuf Scholars Programme to prepare the next generation of Omani leaders; and the “SME Leaders Empowering Programme” to enable Omani entrepreneurs with enhanced leadership and HR capabilities.

Breaking the mould of traditional entrepreneurial training, Takatuf’s “SME Leaders Empowering Programme” sought to introduce the concept of leadership and HR tools in order to complement the areas these businesspersons have to focus on. Nabhan Al Kharusi, Takatuf’s HC consultant, highlighted the influence of the programme on Oman’s emerging entrepreneurs and emphasized the way this kind of training impacts the sustainability of SMEs and positions leaders for growth.

The second part of the event focused on youth and connecting them with business leaders, with the objective of clarifying what they need to do to become highly productive professionals in the near future. Dr Ammar Al Ojaili, Associate Director of the Takatuf Scholars Programme, was one of the panellists in this discussion and debated with the audience the main challenges students face and what they need to do to overcome them. Al Ojaili cited the achievements of Omani graduates of the Takatuf Scholars Programme and how the programme focus on 21st century competencies that will support their future success in both university and the workplace.

Commenting on the event Ibrahim Al Harthi, acting CEO of Takatuf, said, “This event represents a call to action for organisations operating in Oman and the duty they have to contribute to the Sultanate’s growth. High-potential youth, students and entrepreneurs, are the future engines of growth for our country. Takatuf focuses on the future and anticipates the developing Human Capital needs Oman will face as it grows. We are ready to answer the call alongside Oman’s leading companies and hope to partner to continue offering programmes to entrepreneurs and students alike.”


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Takatuf is the strategic provider of innovative Human Capital solutions. Since 2013, Takatuf has been responding to Oman’s workforce development needs and providing strategic, innovative Human Capital solutions for a wide variety of corporate and institutional projects across the Sultanate. Takatuf operates in five key areas: Assessment: We support our clients in making objective and informed decisions about staff selection and development. Coaching: We offer professional coaching with a focus on developing leadership skills of our clients. Human Capital Consulting: We create customised and effective solutions for our clients that enable their organisations to attract, develop and retain employees. Takatuf Scholars Programme: We enable Omani students to develop 21st century competencies through a rigorous academic enrichment programme, preparing them for personal and professional success in Oman and abroad. Training Institutes: We establish strategic partnerships with global organisations to create internationally-accredited training opportunities.