Talent Management

What is it?

Talent management is the process of acquiring, developing, engaging and retaining the skilled workforce required to achieve the organisation’s short and long term objectives. Proper Talent management consists of a set of integrated HR processes designed to attract, develop and retain talent. With these processes Takatuf targets different organizational groups.

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Takatuf Tree of Talent (Talent Management framework):

The Takatuf tree of talent describes these processes and their focus on 3 main organisational target groups:
1. Pre-employment – attract: Targeting required employees within the labor market.
2. Core personal development – develop: Targeting the entire organization’s population.
3. Leadership development and skill assurance – retain: Targeting key employee sub groups such as High Potentials, Technical Experts, Leaders …
At each of these levels, there are a set of required HR processes that are interlinked to create a strong Talent Management backbone. Takatuf supports in the implementation of several of these processes.
Complete Tree Mobility & Jobrotations HighPotentials Succession Planning Leadership Development Learning & Development Competency Performance & Potential Career Ladders Company History vision & mission Takatuf Treeof Talent Manpower Recruiting UniversityRelations Talent Boards Leadership development & critical skills assuranceApplicable for HPs, Technical Experts, Leaders. Core Personnel DevelopmentRelevant for 100% of Staff Pre -EmploymentPlanning and sourcing of all staff EVP